Yves Delorme | Sabine Botta

Yves Delorme | Sabine Botta

Yves Delorme – Boulevard de Waterloo 58, 1000 Brussels


Faithful to a Latin proverb that “nature is the best of masters”, Sabine Botta finds her inspiration in nature, from what she offer as enchanting materials and sensations. She restores what nature brings to her in an intuitive way, her hands being the extension of a spirit that is liberated according to her imagination and her encounters in nature. One could evoke natural matterism as an artistic current to which through her creations Sabine Botta contributes.

The arrangement of her unique collages of eggshells, pods or bark are fragile and delicate abstract or imaginary compositions that sublimate nature.

Gousses de Févier sur carton
63 x 94 cm