Pascale Christoffel

Uptown Gallery | Pascale Christoffel

” DISTRICTS ” art wallpaper by Pascale Christoffel.

Pascale Christoffel’s collection of art paper is the culmination of a personal artistic approach linking the artist’s painting to the environment and living space. Her approach is to take art out of the frame and integrate it into the living space.
Artistic energy and the impact of benefits it provides in the surrounding environment will take us on a journey. The 16 atmospheres that Pascale offers us in her collection are created from tiny fragments that have been extraced of her personal paintings and are enlarged to fit your own private space. « Districts » remains a very selective collection where tailor-made  is a reality and a welcome  added value to your interior.

Paintings by Pascale Christoffel

The pictorial approach of Pascale’s artistic work is an approach to energy and vibration. The realm of the invisible develops vibrations that influence both  the world and the individual. This perception is personal and tied to one’s own  sensitivity. An honest, spontaneous and stimulating  work that portrays positivism.