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Uptown Gallery  | Atelier J&J

Uptown Gallery – Galerie Louise, 32 avenue Louise, 1000 Brussels


Since the opening of the Ateliers J&J in 2012, Bespoke furniture is one of their specialties. The 01 collection launched in 2014 and all the other ranges that followed provides the possibility of adaptation. This approach thought by Jean Angelats, the founder who reveals once again his desire for the appropriation of the object and defends a unique and singular vision of design.

J & J Ateliers are manufacturers who are constantly thinking about production. their technical knowledge allows customers a certain flexibility and to go beyond their initial ideas. Generally contacted for interior design such as bars, restaurants, shops or headquarters, their challenge is to work fast to set up a very efficient production system based on strong collaborations with their various suppliers. The excellence and adaptability of the J & J Ateliers make it possible to offer Tailormade Projects in total conformity with the client request. From the first exchange with the client, to the drawing, the production and finally the in-situ building up, the studio follow each step without omitting the quality and rigor that characterise
them. Their wish: move to another scale and access community projects, offer a global approach to design and get closer to architecture. An assertive approach that will always maintain direct contact and proximity with the
customer; essential for the J & J Ateliers.