Uptown Gallery – Benoit & BO

Uptown Gallery | Benoit & BO

Uptown Gallery – Galerie Louise, 32 avenue Louise, 1000 Brussels


Benoit+Bo are a true international collaboration, the fruit of two cultures, two sensitivities and two pasts. Benoit is French and Bo Chinese. Using their combined heritage, knowledge and world-views they create hybrid, contemporary visions, a mix of Asia and Europe. Their stage is the world – meeting in Tianjin, living in Paris, opening a studio in Shanghai and relocating to Brussels. Their work is autobiographic, about their experiences, feelings and thoughts as an artist duo in an intercultural relationship. They work on territories, landscapes and memories from their own memories and places they have visited. Through photography, painting, sculpture or video, these artists evoke the various issues of today’s world. « Happy Heads » are colorful masks inspired by popular Chinese masks, but transformed with the influences from different cultures and it became a symbol of International culture. Benoit+Bo have previously exhibited in museums and galleries in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Korea, China, Hong Kong and Australia.