Uptown Gallery | Alice Gallery

Uptown Gallery | Alice Gallery

Uptown Gallery – Galerie Louise, 32 avenue Louise, 1000 Brussels

Contact: www.alicebxl.com – info@alicebxl.com – insta@alice_bxl

Alice Gallery opened in January 2005 by Alice van den Abeele and Raphaël Cruyt

The program has followed the history of urban art from its emergence to its recognition. Among the historical actors were Barry McGee, Maya Hayuk, Invader, Todd James, Boris Tellegen, Alicia McCarthy, Clare Rojas, Stephen Powers … and for the new wave, artists such as Felipe Pantone, Momo, Jean Jullien, Parra, HukMitNavn, Hell’O, Colonel & Spit, Sixe Paredes, Cleon Peterson …

Today, for Alice and Raphaël, the inspiration also lies elsewhere than in the street, where artistic practices mix.

In 2016, the couple opened with Florence and Michel de Launoit the contemporary art museum MIMA (Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art) in the center of Brussels. The institution is distinguished by its business model based on crowfunding and ticketing, as well as its exhibitions highlighting a young generation that transgresses the artistic genres and attracts a new audience to the museum.

For the Uptown Design Gallery, Alice Gallery presents:
Paul Wackers
Hell’O Collective
Mon Colonel & Spit