Studio Tawla & Plumbum

GRETA MARTA PROJECT STORE  | Studio Tawla & Plumbum

Project Store by Greta Marta, Rue du Grand Cerf, 18 – 1000 Brussels &

presented by Les Confidents

DPLG Architects and Designers, Zeïneb Ben Hiba and Bastien Marion are in a couple in life and at work.It is in the heart of the city of Rodez that they settled after spending several years in Paris.It is the result of a simple and authentic meeting between Plumbum and Tawla teams which allowed to realize this outdoor living room, also proposed in interior version. The idea was to break the codes of outdoor living rooms by adding a resolutely contemporary touch, while retaining a touch of glamour.

Matrice is a subtle steel corset that compresses a soft and comfortable material; a nice reminder of the Italian traditional expertise, when the blown glass was assembling the metal structure of the lamp in the early 20th century. Matrice is customizable on demand, modular single or two or three-seat bench, and each piece is numbered.

The Gold Matrice joined the Mobilier National collection in May 2020.