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René Gonne

Boulevard de Waterloo 1
1000 Brussels

René-Henry Gonne is since 1979 business lawyer at the Brussels Bar. After being from 2000 to the end of 2016 managing partner of the Brussels division of a US firm of the top 20, he decided to continue this activity in his own firm “Tossens Goldman Gonne”, and give himself the time to realize this functional art project applied to contemporary cabinetmaking.


The brussels limited edition – 2018

René-Henry has been designing and producing since 2017 functional pieces of cabinetmaking and furniture. Self-taught, René-Henry reinterprets in a contemporary spirit, relying on the most cutting-edge techniques, noble materials known from the classical traditions of cabinetmaking, which have come out of current use: massive precious woods or thick veneers and sawn, bronzes and patinated brass, precious stones, ceramics and porcelains, leathers and lacquers, as well as materials derived from recent technologies. His creations, always very contemporary, are warm and sensual, concerned by the search for shapes and graphic effects, the importance of touch and textures and the mixing of styles, sometimes with an ethnic touch as in the sculpture table “VOYAGE” presented here, his first achievement. René-Henry has been developing for two years a research on the use in cabinetmaking of several materials such as ceramics and porcelain with high-level craftsmen, among them several “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France”.

Piece I « Table Voyage » Produced in 2017.

Technical data and process

“Voyage” is a coffee table about 225/34/54 cm, here presented in polished natural solid zebrano.

It is made with hand-laminated beams of zebrano, individually selected, erected, sanded and arranged to achieve this graphic effect. The assembly is milled in the mass, then finished and polished manually and can be used without risk of degradation as coffee table, “Voyage” is protected by a polyurethane varnish, mat for the object presented, almost invisible.


The project was to produce an unusual coffee table, with a presence marked by a combination of the graphic effect of its design and the materials used. The Zebrano version presented here has a strong presence, with an ethnic touch, almost animal. Different versions of the “Travel” table have been produced, including wenge, ash and smoked oak: in these cases, each work is sanded and discreetly impregnated with bronze and / or tin before being polished. While maintaining a very graphic spirit, these versions have a more sophisticated presence.

“Voyage” is produced in small series. Each piece, stamped “René Henry”, is unique by the individual selection of wood used, its graphics, its colour, and the type of oxidation and impregnation when metals are used in the finish.

Piece II « Commode Prismes »

Technical and process

“Prismes” was produced in 2018.

“Prisme”s is a chest of drawers with three drawers, 159 cm / 47/79, the front and top of which are entirely covered with pieces of porcelain of different trapezoidal sizes. The sides and back are coated with parchment, in an original tone often used by Jean-Michel Franck. The hooves are in bronze. The interior is in sycamore.

The ceramics were produced on specification by Mr. Stéphane Montalto, renowned ceramist and “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (MOF) 2011. Stéphane Montalto works specifically on the manufacture of similar decorative ceramics for the renovation of classified monuments and contemporary ceramics


The project was to create a warm and fresh object, with Mediterranean inspiration and a strong presence. This effect is achieved by the contrasts between the delicacy of the parchment and the strength of the ceramics, the alternation of aubergine and ivory hues and dimensions creating a prism effect.

Prism will be declined in any small series. A pair of similar dressers is in preparation, ivory and turquoise.