Pop-up Store Modesign Academy

Pop Up Store Modesign Academy

Rue du Berger 23
1000 Brussels

(open only during the week-end)

During Uptown Design 2017 discover the accessories created by the talented students of the Modesign Academy!

MODESIGN ACADEMY LUXURY POP-UP STORE welcomes this year the work developed by the 9 women following the Certificate in Luxury Management. Besides theoretical classes and study cases, they collaborated with craftman Nina Bodenhorst to make 9 different and unique bags.

MODESIGN ACADEMY LUXURY POP-UP STORE also displays the work of photographer Pauline Miko and filmmaker Gael G.Lagadec as well as from Perfumer Louison Grajcar and the leather studio Niyona. It will also be the occasion to discover the work of Parisian interior designer Kyeong-mee Chung and the collaboration between Paper Designer Margaux Baert and Plant Designer Thierry Trivelin.


Photos © Pauline Miko