NATAN | Olivier Vitry

Olivier Vitry – Claisse Architectures  | NATAN

Natan, Rue de Namur, 78 – 1000 Brussels


Olivier VITRY is an architect and administrator at CLAISSE ARCHITECTURES. With his associates, Benjamin DEBACKER and Liliane KNOPES, he designs architectural projects with passion, stringency and paying attention to those details which create or recreate places which are out of the ordinary. Places whose restraint, whose simple and subtle elegance mark them as timeless.

Olivier VITRY personally designs furniture in this same spirit both in the materials used and in the assemblies. He wants to bring a bit of beauty, harmony and well‐being through a search for flexibility and pure forms.


“I have always had the firm conviction that where we live, the choices we make as to how we decorate and furnish these spaces, reflect our identity, the stage we are at in our lives. We live in a world that is constantly on the move, a reality that I have always wanted to illustrate in my projects. Modularity is, in my opinion, the answer to our needs for change in our personal and professional spaces. So, I created a sofa that we can adapt to his personal or professional space and above all that we can modify as many times as we want and as often as we want.”

ADAPTABLE SOFA is a versatile range of entirely modular ottoman, armchairs and sofas that can be moved. The system consists of a series of cushion‐seats, to which chairbacks, armrests and side tables can be added in various sizes. Unlike other modular sofas, the system can evolve, even after purchase, allowing you to move around the various elements as much and as often as you like.