JEJOO STUDIO. Cross-cultural development. 

Pascale Dedoncker and Yoon Jung Barbé are Korean-Belgian. Today one is based in Brussels, the other in Seoul. Their path is the result of their dual identity. They aspire to reinvent codes between Korea and Europe, and bridge connections between the two cultures.

Pascale and Yoon are brand, product and project consultants. From Korea to Europe. From Europe to Korea.

Pascale Dedoncker and Yoon Jung Barbé have created JEJOO STUDIO. Jejoo 재주 means ‘talent’ in Korean. JEJOO STUDIO focuses on discovering and growing talents. All kinds of talents.

JEJOO STUDIO finds itself mostly inspired by the urban culture as well as alternative trends. From digital graphic art to contemporary “Korean resonance art” – such as the spontaneous gesture of a calligrapher.

Eight Korean artists will be introduced with a selection of artworks. 

KIM, DONG HOON : The universe of everyday words as a playground is what inspires this art graphic designer.  

PARK, HONG JOO : He considers Korean calligraphy as one of the most refined form of art. Calligraphy today should not only be used to write, but simply to express. 

PARK, MAN OK : She finds inspiration in craft and Korean tradition, such as the Hanji, ancestral paper made of mulberry wood; and the Jangdoks, Korean traditional jars for preservation. 

SHIN, YOUNG EUN : She explores and rearranges words and symbols to create secret codes and trigger the audience’s attention.

SUH, SUNG : His deep knowledge of conceptual art and photography have allowed him to create strong and integrated visual languages.

VAKKI : She geometrically interprets the process of moving objects and questions the cycle of existence through kinetic work with graphics and motility. 

YUN JEONG : Her work is the convergence of light and modern Korean calligraphy. 

YOUL JOE : He focuses on exploring how the seven elements of art relate and inform each other.