Jeoffrey Lup

Hästens | Jeoffrey Lup

The “Duality” project is characterized by balancing two entities. On one side a skin and on the other a structure that complement each other and sometimes oppose in a dialogue under tension. By playing on the opposition between the full and the empty, the solid and the light, the wood and the metal, the envelope seems to be in equilibrium, floating on a structure which seems in movement. Like stilts, thin metal blades ensure the stability of the massive bark. A dynamic is born from this duality and questions the balance of the whole which seems escaped under our eyes. Through a refined search of two distinct legs, we find on one side the finesse, the lightness, on the other, the imposing, the solid in continuity with the expression of the tray. Defined by angles and bevel joints, the project is dynamic and fluid. Each element is refined to enhance the impression of movement. The two entities then find themselves engaged in an interaction that keeps them suspended. Inspired by architectural vocabulary, the project addresses the notion of stability inherent in all furniture projects. By deconstructing the elements that characterize a table, he tries to define a new relationship to the object. Create a new connection between the parts, like the tray, the structure, the leg to reveal the intrinsic tension of the object. Reveal one’s strengths and weaknesses by the abstraction of one’s vocabulary. To try to find the essence of the table, its nature, its character in order to transcend its image.

In exploring the convergence of function, form, and matter, I am led to work on two materials. Thus, the wood, a living material, warm, rich of nuances which adopts a unique character confronts with the metal, cold and industrial matter. Indeed, by the use of steel, I also wish to propose an inked furniture in its territory, reflection of local know-how and charged with history. Similarly, the use of oak is a desire to promote responsible creation highlighting the resources available nearby.