10_Herboristerie du pépin | Muntu

Herboristerie du Pépin | Muntu

Muntu, presented at Herboristerie du pépin.

The Afro-contemporary aesthetic is a result of historical know-hows, innovation and soul. It draws from local sources and uses forms that come from the encounter of different cultures. It integrates the various external influences to which it is exposed and naturally unites these cultures in a harmonious result. The designers proposed by MUNTU stand for a syncretic contemporary design that combines the functional with the beautiful an that naturally responds to the challenges of society. MUNTU Design is the showcase of the MUNTU project muntuworld.org/project.

Born in the Congo-Kinshasa where she spent her childhood, Aline is feeding herself with differences and seeking cultural balance between Brussels and Dakar today. Fascinated by the creative swarming found all over the African continent, she found herself in the design world.
In 2015, she created MUNTU  https://muntuworld.org/projet to put forward Africa’s contemporary creativity in Europe and create unifying links. Muntu designers showcase this perfectly. 

Adèle Dejak – Kenya

Aïda Duplessis alias Yeleen Design – Mali

Anselm Croze alias Kitengela hot Glass – Kenya

Audrey Forson, Tekura Design – Ghana