Golden Goose – Christina Scheuren

Golden Goose | Christina Scheuren

Golden Goose – Boulevard de Waterloo, 34 A – 1000 Brussels

Christina Scheuren is an artist of Italian-German origin, who lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. From early age, she frequented artist’s workshops. She got a Masters in Psychology, and destined herself to research. She later started studying Interior Design and discovered a passion for creation. In 2008, strong personal events in her life revealed the need to find expression in the world around her. Waste or recuperation objects become a raw material to be sublimated in new creations, giving significance to the insignificant. The Scheuren Art Lab was born ! The artist builds a new universe with senseless pieces of forgotten objects by modern human beings. Manipulation of silent matters, eclectic ordinary elements gives life and power to shadow. Beyond trivial, Christina gives allure, poetry and fascination to the « hors d’usage » elements.