Fabian Maingain | Godfather of our 7th edition

Fabian Maingain | Godfather of our 7th edition

We are proud to have Fabian Maingain as godfather of our 7th edition. www.bruxelles.be/fabian-maingain

Art is one of the sources of creative inspiration, inspiration for high quality business and the luxury industry. 

Through the City’s support for Uptown Design, I wish to consolidate this link between art, creation and the businesses of the Upper Town, which are the prestige of our capital. 

Enhancing the visibility and accessibility of artistic works on this route helps to consolidate the commercial identity of this neighborhood. Its uniqueness lies in this balance between exclusivity, design, art and distinction.

This desire to combine luxury, quality, know-how and expertise is precisely what makes our stores the most beautiful international showcases in our city, and that is why I support them with real pleasure. Pleasure that I hope to share with you during this journey.