Clémentine Barzin – Godmother of our 7th edition

Clémentine Barzin | Godmother of our 7th edition

We are proud to have Clémentine Barzin as godmother of our 7th edition

Clémentine Barzin
Member of Brussels Parliament
City Councillor, city of Brussels

” Brussels is an international capital city. It is also at the same time a town and a region. As a political woman committed to both of these levels, I want to protect and promote the business development or Brussels.

The luxury uptown area takes a big part in the attractivity of Brussels. Since years people from other countries, from Belgium and from Brussels enjoy to find there specific labels and top of the range stores.
For six years now Uptown Design contributes to this attractivity by enhancing this identity and highlighting creation.

The public authorities must encourage such positive initiatives. They also have to facilitate them. I will pay a special attention to the coming work on boulevard de Waterloo. As some renovation is necessary, and better conviviality still possible, the accessibility must be the priority.
I wish Uptown Design 2019 all the best: a lot of discoveries, a lot of visitors and a lot of sales.” C. Barzin