TOD’s – Bernadette Chené

TOD’S | Bernadette Chené

Bernadette Chené:
At the crossroads of Minimalism, Arte Povera and Process Art,
Bernadette Chéné’s work is a subtle dialogue between nature and culture emphasizing the power of simple materials. Initially trained in tapestry, Chéné progressively took her weaving knowledge to the use of paper, especially newspaper, to a point where this common ‘daily’ material has become central in her work since the 1980’s. Usually sticking to primary geometrical shapes, Chéné exploits the natural qualities of paper, wood and metal as it shapens up and takes light. She creates paterns and drawing, only with the accumulation of matter, never cutting, never gluing.  In newspaper, she finds a surplus of meaning in the charge of information and memory it carries, and plays with the typography, using either the words or just the lines that appear in the accumulation of layers, in the same way the lines of a tree or a glacier tell its age and history.