B BY BARBARA LOUYS | Mademoiselle Jo

B BY BARBARA LOUYS | Mademoiselle Jo

By B Barbara Louys Jewelry, Rue de Namur 93, 1000 Brussels


Belgian designer Joan Bebronne, creator of the mlle jo brand, presents a new line of poetic objects and furniture on the borderline between design and goldsmithiery and carefully produced in Belgium 

Fascinated by the material, mlle jo presents a first collection delicately blending heritage and technology. The ASSY, TOUPY and YOUMY collections mix wood, steel, brass and leather, the designer’s favourite materials. 

The small series allow to have control over each piece, hand finishing for turned wood and inlaid brass, and to bring back to honour a sometimes forgotten know- how. Singular and poetic objects are versatile, destined to last over time and to be passed on.