Uptown Gallery | Alice Gallery presents Mon Colonel & Spit

Uptown Gallery | Alice Gallery presents Mon Colonel & Spit

Uptown Gallery – Galerie Louise, 32 avenue Louise, 1000 Brussels


Mon Colonel & Spit, be

From Liège to Paris in music, their daily adventures are highly contrasted. Parties, friends, the spleen, graffiti and its procession of burlesque characters inspire Eric Bassler alias Mon Colonel (1974) and Thomas Stiernon alias Spit (1977). The first writes, the second draws. From this two-headed alchemy, between Apollinaire’s calligram and Burroughs’s cut-up writing, words, aphorisms, memories, rhymes and drawings are born from free associations opening the doors of your imagination.

In the background, it is first of all the singular portrait of a half-mad, half-disillusioned generation that sings “I come from Wallifornia / Dirty South from Belgium / Wa! Wa! Wa! “*, and then the more universal expression of our somewhat collective psyche a bit lost at the moment.

From 2007, they produce works jointly in studio. Their practice embraces a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, drawing and installation. The duo lives and works in Liège. Mon Colonel & Spit are represented by Alice Gallery, Brussels.