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Bensimon | Falluce


Yves Pauwels, Falluce – Design, creation and manufacturing of light and furniture objects since 2007. The artistic and sculptural objects are made in own atelier as unique pieces or in small series for private and public spaces.

DIKARYA, series of lighting objects

Name: DIKARYA 01, 02, 03, 04
Year of production: 2019

Dikarya are a series of lighting objects, made of steel tubing in different variations, dimensions and forms. The name comes from a subclass of Fungi, most of them with a typical form of a wide stem and a round knob, as well in miniscule as in large sizes. With these series, I will bring the organic morphology of nature into my lighting object.

TETRIS TRIO, a table lamp

As an expansion of the TETRIS series that are available as a ceiling, table, wall and floor object. A steel tube is cutted and streched till a good shape is formed. Three of them are set together as a family and the one enhances the image of the other. Little Led spots are placed in the basement of each piece. Every piece is unique and made by hand. The color can be choosen.