8 – Gil Galway- Les Petites Crollées

Gil Galway | Les Petites Crollées


Les Petites Crollées is the story of an improbable encounter between Catherine, a resident of Liege, passionate about Fashion and Fabienne, a french woman passionate and pointed about Design who came to live in Belgium. After 4 years of training in upholsterer, we designed and created our own armchair, an armchair that could be placed in a living room, in the lobby of an hotel … whose particularity is a back “dressed with a knitted wool pullover”.

To produce the “pullover” of our armchair, we collaborate with the Textile Designer Nathalie Stockman who created for us unique and exclusive thread assemblies. A collection of plaids and woolen cushions completes the product line.

Our inspiration: Nature

Our universe: Slow Design, short circuit work from woolen threads of the finest qualities, rigorously selected from France, Italy or Ireland …