7 – Atelier de Coloration- GILLES WERBROUCK

Atelier de Coloration | GILLES WERBROUCK



Gilles Werbrouck is trained as a Fashion Knitwear Designer and Knitted Textiles Designer. During his bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design & Tailoring at the Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer in Brussels he interns at Annemie Verbeke, where his interest in knit started.

He then decides to study and complete two master’s degrees at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and the Nottingham Trent University. After working for four years in the fashion industry for manufacturers in Italy and China and at Daniel Andresen in Antwerp as a production assistant he decides to venture on his own and create his brand.

Studio Gilles Werbrouck is a high end design brand creating unique handmade pieces for the interior – whether it’s accessories, murals, lamps or larger furniture – using various knitting techniques. From the choice of yarn and color to the knitting technique, production and finishing, everything has been thought through and created by the expert and scrupulous hands of the designer himself in Brussels.

The concept of this collection was to create a series of objects – practical and decorative – that enhance plants inside the house. The development process of a collection starts with a mental image of different elements and ideas to work from around one color and different textures.

Therefrom starts the textile sampling, whether it’s crochet or made on the domestic knitting machine using synthetic and natural fibers and trying out different patterns and finishings,… Everything is handcrafted in Brussels using the best yarns originating from Belgium, Italy or Great Britain.

Once the sampling is over starts the production phase of the different pieces. This is also a problem solving phase because of the many technical issues involved in the creation of each piece. The end result needs to showcase an interesting technical research and range of textures to demonstrate the strengths of knit and its place in the interior.