29 – Cercle de Lorraine – Eric Maquet

Cercle de Lorraine | Eric Maquet


A Belgian architect from a long line of architects, director of a college of art, an artist first and a sculptor foremost. He was very interested in comic strips which he tried while a student.
He was poised to become a car designer or an aeronautics  draftsman or an endless number of things.

From glass to stone. From stone to steel. From steel to bronze.

Under the spell of a visit to the Cristalleries du Val-Saint-Lambert, Eric Luc started working on glass, learns how to blow it, and trains at Sars-Poteries with professors from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

On his return to Belgium he was  inspired by Alfred COLLARD‘s mastery of the talents of Koen VANDERSTUKKEN and sets off  to  discover the cold working method of Ales VASICEK in Prague.

Eric Luc completed his initiation by experimenting with the “pastoral” technique at Murano during an internship with  Davide SALVADORE. He then moved to Vannes-le-Châtel to work in the CERFAV studio, accompanied by his Swiss assistant Yann OULEVAY, a specialist in the art of Italian glass masters.

Then came the time of exhibitions in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the United States, which propelled the artist into other horizons. Eric Luc feels the urge to experience solidity, to delve into new materials  He discovers the absolute force of stone . At the same time, his sensitivity prefers the fluidity of steel.

He confronts the tensions of aluminum, looks for the sculpted movement that he so much admired in Calder or Rickey, makes sculptures composed of triangles pivoting on curved steel rods on which he fixes curved surfaces in stretched  aluminum. The movement and light create shimmering  effects that enrich the dynamics.

Faced with problems of bonding  he went to the Pol Bury workshop  in Paris, then led by his widow, in search of solutions before suspending his work on aluminum.

New perspectives open up to him. Eric Luc is an unrepentant dreamer. He is inspired by  bronze, a new world that he explores with brilliance. He immerses himself body and soul spending his nights drawing, erasing, correcting, testing the material, shaping what will pass into the hands of his Italian and Bulgarian foundries.  With the mastery of his combined talents, Eric Luc Maquet draws connections between his different experiences to reach a deeper more profound process, that of maturity, where the work of the sculptor challenges the threat to the environment , positioning  itself as a tool for struggle and hope against the forecasted  upheavals , A series called  as mutation, MÛ IN SPACE.