25 – Scabal – Pierre Lallemand

Scabal  | Pierre Lallemand


Semantics play le fil du temps gradually links together Pierre Lallemand’s works and creations. On the occasion of this event, a creative panoptic ranging from painting to objects will be presented: sculptures, architectural scale models, sketchbooks, architectures, bicycles, boats, cases, speakers… 

These creations are all animated by the same preoccupations of the apprehension and sense that can be conveyed to forms. How does one compose and envisage a light feature without defining light and eye? 

How does one design a sailing boat without defining sea and winds? How does one conceive a building without defining its use and context? 

This exhibition assembles the artist’s thoughts, linking them up in a stylistic and plastic coherence in the same way as thread and needle assemble fabrics.