25 – Façonnable – François Coppens

Façonnable | François Coppens


François Coppens is a follower of the “Kodama” philosophy, which attributes a spirit to the tree. It has a unique character and experience, which can be found in the material that composes the work. Working and transforming the wood must be done with the respect that the tree deserves. Thus, the woodworker uses only solid wood, and seeks the most noble assemblies, meeting technical requirements while perfecting a “proper design.”

It is often the discovery of a piece of wood that moves the cabinetmaker, which prompts the question of its purpose: the design of the piece of furniture will be dictated by the nature of the wood, and never will the wood be reduced to a material solely used for the sake of the design.

François Coppens uses the assembling techniques of cabinetmaking to produce furniture, in which he only combines solid wood with fine materials such as brass or semi-precious stones.

The result is unique furniture, made outside the constraints of mass production, that inhabits a living space. A permanent reflection of the craftsman in the service of design and sustainability. A timeless design, in which line and technology meet, until the furniture takes on its full meaning. A proper use of ancestral and modern techniques, resulting in irreproachable technical and aesthetic finishes.

François Coppens learned the foundations of cabinetmaking at the prestigious Saint Luc school in Tournai. From this apprenticeship, completed over 10 years ago, he learned the essential and age-old skills of traditional cabinetmaking. A true “all-round” craftsman, he ultimately combined his taste for the decorative arts with his boundless curiosity for the technicality of woodworking, by founding his workshop, where he can apply both his sensibilities and his technique.