16 – White Impulse – Yves Ullens- Gauthier Poulain

White Impulse | Yves Ullens & Gauthier Poulain

Yves Ullens


Photography is and has always been for me the ideal medium to express emotions. The particular energy brought by light and colour is vital both in my private and professional life. Light, as the only form of energy we can see, presents itself as colour. My photographs allow the viewer and the creator to explore feelings through abstraction. I see photography very much like a painter and I use my camera like a brush.

My world of photography has developed into four major themes: pictorial, kinetic, optic and urban traces. Each body of work takes on its own rhythms.

Progressively since 2011, I have become a more global artist; by extending – with the help of my team – the possibilities of photography and associating it to other media and design applications:

– In 2011, realization of my first monumental installation, Metamorphosis.
– In 2013, creation of my first sculptures, Crescend’O and Délivrance.
– In 2015, launch of my first functional design creation: Destination.
– In 2017, I started also to work with my team on larger architectural projects.
– In 2019, collaboration with Gauthier Poulain for a collection of design objects.

Photography will always be at the very heart of my work. And, with the spirit of a scientist, I enjoy pushing its boundariesever farther and further!

Gauthier Poulain


Born in Frameries (Belgium) in 1979, Gauthier Poulain graduated in painting at  Saint-Luc – Tournais Institute. Curiosity stimulated his enthusiasm for the graphic arts and marketing, before he went on to focus on design.

He created his own studio just after college and involved himself in the production of hand-crafted furniture, objects and lighting. His work quickly gained recognition. He exhibited in many countries, and he was commissioned to design numerous public and commercial spaces, bars, clubs, bio EXKI restaurants, private interiors and the scenography for a large ready-to-wear brand as well as the artistic direction of the COCOON exhibition’s Fair in 2014. 

His approaches in design is largely based on the need to share feelings and to create a process of communication between people and materials which is both poetic and functional. His works are distinguished by the quest for the dramatic contrast between materials and colours.

Two Belgian creative minds, Yves Ullens, photographer, and Gauthier Poulain, designer, will invite the public to discover L’Envol, an exclusive work unveiled for the first time in Belgium. L’Envol is both an art object and design product based on a photography of Yves Ullens with which Gauthier Poulain (winner of the Young Belgian Designer Award in 2005) was inspired to create an original mirror work. The circular lines movement of the abstract image echoes the mirror with its evanescent surface, winding curves and a floating steel structure. The reflection of the visitor appears at the very heart of the work before mysteriously melting into the image. Photography takes another dimension in space and energize itself thanks to the volume created by the designer. This is the beginning of a great collaboration that promises beautiful creations for the future