15 – Samsonite – Coup de Foudre

Samsonite | Coup de Foudre


We  (Goedel Vermandere & Jan Arickx) create light sculptures from porcelain. They are remarkable for their sensuous quality and their harmony. Imperfection, fragility, transparency of the material and organic forms are the cornerstones of our works. Our creations are incorporated in the spaces for which they were produced. These spaces are the common ground that we work on, alongside our clients.

It starts with a feeling. The most important thing for us (Jan Arickx and me) is to try to display the fragility of the porcelain. Imperfection, coincidence during the production process gets a chance to exist. For me, organic forms are very important. I look for my inspiration at nature,art , objects, movement … and I never want to make identical pieces.

Searching for the combination between light and porcelain gives an extra dimension. You can see the object in an other way, the structure feels different and the details are more apparent. We create light objects for private people, interior designers, architects. Our mission is to design lighting, searching meticulously for the right atmosphere, create the right feeling and make other people joyful with our creations. We are always experimenting with new techniques to illuminate porcelain’s transparence more effectively, express a feeling of warmth and fulfillment, and open up new horizons.

Year of production : September 2018
Title: La Silence                                                                                       

Porcelain, light – from 24 to 50 cm /leaf .  We make small or bigger installations (depending on the space in which it ends up).