14 – Hästens-WOOD LO, Laurence Le Maire

 Hästens | WOOD LO Laurence Le Maire


Laurence Le Maire created Wood-Lo in 2016. Alone in the launch of her project, shesurrounds herself today with skilled craftsmen to realize her creations in a refined, minimalist style, in wood and metal. A craft work and 100% Belgian, made of passion and noble materials for unique achievements! Wood-Lo’s production is essentially focused on the production of PEFC-certified solid oak tables and the realization of tailor-made projects for individuals and in collaboration with architects. Laurence wants to transmit by her craft creations, the simple beauty of forms and materials in the service of the house.

All the creations are the fruit of the inventiveness of Laurence (Lo). Since her childhood, she has always expressed an artistic sensibility that she was able to concretize during her high school studies in art section, then a course in art history, and later by an antique training and the creation of a line of hats. One day, Lo revealed his artistic fiber to his friends by making a
coffee table with reclaimed wood. They were conquered and encouraged him to continue. Lo then took carpentry lessons while studying the clean currents and the shaping of noble materials. Wood-Lo was born. Today, her friends continue to advise, encourage and inspire her. In return, each creation bears one of their first names, the ultimate reminder of this
strong bond that unites them.