11 – Natan – La licorne verte

Natan | La Licorne Verte


The vegetal creation workshop La Licorne Verte signs an explosive marriage between the natural and the artificial.

Inventor of a technique to recreate plant life to integrate it into the world of Design, Hervé Mayon works for the French high-end brands and the most prestigious theater scenes. This know-how is also diverted to create singular achievements, borrowed from marvelous world such as golden trees or crystal apple trees, to meet the limitless imagination of the Interior Designer.

Hervé Mayon works on real or empty trunks and put branches and artificial foliage made of fabrics, polystyrene or any other desired element such as parakeets.

From the refined bonsai to the voluminous maple of 12 meters, he realizes all the trees, even those which do not exist. It all starts by walking through the forest to spot the trees that industry doesn’t want as the branches are too tortuous and movements too expressive.

In his workshop, Hervé Mayon grafts one by one branches of artificial foliage on this trunk, to bring it back to life. Beyond the realism of the material used, the know-how invented by Hervé Mayon is such amazing that it is never seen. To contemplate them, these trees are very real, the illusion is perfect.