1 – Atelier de la Rose – Virginie Cardon

Atelier de la Rose | Virginie Cardon


Initially her passion was for fabrics: materials, colours and their arrangement. Over the years, with a degree in fashion design from the Lannaux workshop in Brussels, Virginie Cardon de Lichtbuer has presented a collection of bags and accessories that are both whimsical and meticulous – a style in an array of colours.

Always in search of new ideas, Virginie took courses in leather goods and embroidery leading her to expand a range of techniques, to create unique and customised bags and pouches.

Virginie’s connection with embroidery was a revelation. An opportunity to interact with shapes, the intensity and nuances of the threads of various origins, to express her creativity in a rigorous and precise technique. Since then, concentrated on an embroidery hoop, Virginie finds her energy by giving this ancestral craft a new impetus, nurtured by the magic of subtle combinations of colours and textures.

Natural elements, such as flowers, birds, butterflies, insects, both realistic and fantastic, are her favourite subjects. A pleasure for the eyes that be sported on the most diverse of fashions.