Vervloet – Manalys

Maison Vervloet presents Denis Meyers, Quentin De Coster, Alexandre André & Jean-François D’Or

Boulevard de Waterloo 11
1000 Brussels

Since 1905, Maison Vervloet is a master-creator of high-end, unique handcrafted hardware such as door, window and furniture handles, home objects and any other precious brass or bronze accessory that finishes put the final touch to your interior.





The Brussels Limited Edition


ALEXANDRE – Design Jean François d’Or

Alexandre is a tray-plate collection made in mirror polished brass and also in  black anodized aluminium.

The handpolished surface of object becomes a mirror that reflect architecture. Once turned over, this tray is transformed into a table top placemat napperon on a textile bedside table of the Magnitude Alexandre bed collection.

Mirror polished brass version & Black anodized aluminium version. 
Black anodized aluminium version. Other materials and finishings on request.

46 x 26 x h3 cm

Produced and distributed by Vervloet

Pictures © Stéphanie Derouaux | Studio Verne | Studio Rembrandt



HIMITSU – Design Quentin de Coster

HIMITSU means secret in Japanese. Like the secret boxes, this money box seems impossible to open. Only its owner knows the way that provides access to the content of the box. To open HIMITSU, you have to unscrew the lid with a coin, what creates a subtle link between the object and its function. The outline of the HIMITSU money box is inspired by the polygonal geometry of some coins.

Material : pink gold, yellow gold or nickel plated brass
Dimensions : W8.5 x D8.5 x H12 cm
Produced and distributed by Vervloet
Photo credit © Stéphanie Derouaux


NARSIX – Alexandre André

Narsix, is the idea of a modern Narcissus, a victim selfie, whose could not satisfied itself of an unique reflect. Narcissus needs more, he has to have six!

Stainless steel or brass, he ribs of conventions; the morning side table, the noon geometric sculpture, the evening glowing oven.

The designer Alexandre André thinks The Narsix as a unique piece or to be grouped in order to remember the hive’s alveolus. It is developed by The Maison Vervloet.










Denis Meyers

Manalys has asked Denis Meyers to imagine a special creation; the hand door of the Manalys store. This creation will be exclusively edited by House Vervloet for Uptown Design 2017.