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Founded by Philippe Merillet and Karapet Chatchatrian a year ago, Tridea is a startup of “makers” working in the 3D printing domain. It has invented the first 1OO% recycled PET filament in Europe, based on waste collected from their partner MCA, recycling in Brussels. Tridea was the winner of the Waste Network 2O15 awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Brussels. “Our mission is based on the premise that there is no such thing as waste »! We want to make 3D printing more accessible to everyone and help the environment at the same time.”

In line with the European Union vast initiative on circular economy , the startup’s patent pending unique system allows it to give its partners and clients a 36O° label of recycling, because now not only can we know where the waste goes post consumer but also how many lives it can have afterwards. This year Tridea is launching its printer rental platform for schools and businesses. «We hope to have a 100 printers in the Brussels area by the end of the year» Karapet Chatchatrian says! There process alows businesses and schools to get cutting edge printers into schools for free in exchange for a commitment to purchase filament for a certain time period. Thanks to our process waste will be recycled and remade as as a chair, a table, a lamp shade,iPhone cover or even a drone!”. Waste is collected and sorted by MCA recycling a local collector that is ISO 14001 certified allowing clear tracibility of the recouperated waste’.

Sponsored by MCA Recycling
MCA Recycling is specialized in installing selective sorting systems for company waste.









The Brussels Limited Edition

The concept that we want to propose as a starting point of a conversation with BMW is doing an exhibition around the history of the combustion engine. In the last century, the combustion engine has been one of the driving forces of change and innovation. Not only in the automotive industry but also in general society. BMW as one of the pioneers in the automotive industry has played a huge role in the development and innovation of the engine block. They have been striving to push the limits of what an engine can do. Starting from the simple engine block and arriving to today with the electric engines that are pushing forward the BMW fleet. Our concept is simple, we want to print the history of different engine blocks. Starting from the first engines, going to the V12’s and ending with the engines of today. At each step of the way we want to place BMW at the centre of the action.