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The Rug Company
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Tim Gosling graduated from the Central School of Art & Design in 1987 with a degree in Theatre Design. Tim joined David Linley shortly after, becoming a director in 1993. At Linley he was instrumental in developing the company’s design style and expanding their bespoke business over 18 years. In 2005 Tim set up his own company, Gosling, giving him the freedom to design a wider range of furniture. Gosling creates unique pieces of furniture tailored to each individual client’s exact specifications; the company’s objective is to create a bespoke service of design and furniture that has style and longevity.

On Friday 15th September 2017 an ”Afternoon tea” with Tim Gosling will be held at The Rug Company, Rue de Namur, Brussels.

The Brussels Limited Edition

The Rug Company has always seen Tim Gosling as a kindred spirit. Gosling’s commitment to artisanal craft permeates through every aspect of his work, reflecting our own dedication to quality, traditional craftsmanship and longevity, values which are reflected in his rug collection. Gosling’s passion for the Art Deco movement in London has inspired his rug designs; the three designs are based on his love of the period, using design language born out of an historic sense of architecture and history. “It was a time when people craved better materials and quality of design – it was about integrity and spending on something that will last. I wanted the richness to come through in the rugs”, Gosling says.