Thomas Capelle – Herboristerie Du Pépin

Thomas Capelle

Herboristerie Du Pépin
Rue du Pépin 38
1000 Brussels

Thomas Cappelle is an advertising creative, pupil at the CAD of Brussels (college of Advertising and Design). He is passionate by graphic design and artwork. Thomas is very sensitive to his environment.  Photography’s lover, he is attention to details, luminosity and composition. His work mixes passion and finesse.


The Brussels Limited Edition – Between the lines

Made in CAD school year 2015/2016

Design Professor: Damien Bihr
« Between the line » is a bench designed with a single idea : repetition. 
As the central element, the wooden batten outlines the visual rhythm of the object. Between tension and linearity, « Between the line » redefines the perception of a traditional base.