Thien Vo


Thien Vo presented at Christofle
Boulevard de Waterloo 37
1000 Bruxelles

VO | Between organic rationalism and poetry visual

VO is the Belgian designer’s name and the hallmark of Vo Thien. Born in 1989 in Belgium, he has been always passionate about design and architecture. Graduated in interior design at Saint Luc Liège, he focuses his interests towards furniture design.

Vietnamese and Belgian, this dual origin allows him to achieve a quite atypical and personal vision of design: pure lines, visual lightness and simplicity, these are the codes that mainly characterize his projects. Following a number of collaborations with design studios, in particular at ORA-ÏTO in Paris, the designer creates his own studio where he starts to develop innovative daily objects and furniture.

During Uptown Design 2016, Thien VO will present the result of a collaboration with architect Luc Spits; Swoosh table. This piece of luxury design made in HI MAC is all in curves, fluide lines and visual lightness. &

swoosh_02 copie