R&J Luxe Furniture – Gil Galway

R&J Luxe Furniture

Gil Galway
Rue de Namur 65B
1000 Brussels

Sandrine Velez Rocha is fond of design and of contemporary art. She draws sketches of the furniture she imagines, inspired among others by her innumerable journeys. The attraction for drawing came from her father, an industrial designer who taught her the basic techniques and qualities required. She assists Jean-Paul Kala in the whole process of design and marketing of R & J’s creations. Gifted with a business acumen, she is the one who animates and defends with fervour and conviction the development of the company and its creations.

Jean-Paul Kala has been passionate about welding since his youngest age. He graduates as pipefitter /industrial welder followed by an improvement in TIG welding. He acquires a remarkable dexterity in the shaping of metal, a material that he particularly likes for its strength, elegance, aesthetics, reliability, malleability and its infinite creative possibilities. He manages to transform these metallic surfaces in real creations of style.






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