R&J Furniture


R&J Furniture
presented at Limited Edition
Rue de Namur, 35
1000 Brussels

and presented at The Hotel
Boulevard de Waterloo 38
1000 Brussels

Practicality and aesthetics At the helm of RJ Welding, a company specialised in metallic construction, Sandrine Velez Rocha and Jean-Paul Kala use their shared passion for design by creating top-of-the-range furniture.

Collections of modern designs with simple, graphic and clean lines offer practical products created by Belgian expertise. Together, the young couple conceives and designs each project before bringing their creations to life, handcrafted by Jean-Paul Kala in his workshop in Brussels.

R&J Luxe Furniture is above all the love of craftsmanship and raw materials, promoting Belgian art de vivre.

Facebook: @RJLuxeFurniture
Instagram: @rjluxefurniture

“Chauffe-terrasse” presented at Limited Edition



“Ameza collection” presented at The Hotel

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