Olivier Vitry – Claisse Architectures

Olivier Vitry – Claisse Architectures


Boulevard de Waterloo 8
1000 Brussels

Since 2011, Olivier Vitry has worked at CLAISSE ARCHITECTURES, where he is now an administrator. With his associates, Benjamin DEBACKER and Liliane KNOPES, he designs architectural projects with passion, stringency and paying particular attention to those details which create or recreate exceptional places. Alongside this work, Olivier VITRY is continuing to design limited production furniture, customised for CLAISSE ARCHITECTURES with the aim of enhancing living spaces by their sobriety and their response to customer needs.



The Brussels Limited Edition – 2018

MODULAR TABLE is a modular system for a low table which you assemble yourself as you wish and which can be further adapted to fit your requirements. The system consists of table tops and feet in solid walnut or oak and connectors available in different finishes: in white Carrera marble, in grey marble in solid beech and in anodized aluminium. A luxurious and original item is created from this contrast between these different finishes.  The feet and table tops slot together with the connectors to enable assembly of the tables without the use of glue, screws or any special tools.

MODULAR TABLE is an intelligent and luxurious kit system for furniture which enables you not only to assemble the table with ease, but also to change it as required and to adapt it to fit with the current room layout. In this way, when guests are coming, you can easily add one or more modules to increase the size of the table.  You can also have a table using 1, 2, 3, 4 or more modules depending on the shape and layout of the room, enabling you to indulge your creativity.


Dimensions for 1 low table module:

Diameter : 40cm

Height : 40cm

Weight : +/- 2,3 kg.