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My Fair Diamond

Boulevard de Waterloo 8
1000 Brussels

In the perfect diamond world, everything shines. It is magic, stunning, fairy. This is what diamond lovers dream of and project on each of their jewels. In reality, the diamond world is complex, and still burdened by many loopholes. Its business model is full of traditions and old practices that evolve very slowly. Today, it does not live up to the standards the conscious, modern consumer expects it to address: transparency, ethics, respect.

MY FAIR DIAMOND is the answer to this expectation. Authentic and audacious, this new brand of diamond jewellery is a guarantee that a traceable and ethical diamond exists. It shows that in the most complicated environments, sourcing from artisanal mines in Africa and working only with small-scale actors, you can produce the most beautiful pieces of jewellery. These diamond jewels have a positive and sustainable impact on people and the environment all along the value chain. This is why they are more desirable than any other, because fair meets fairy. For the first time. This is what we call sustainable luxury. Proudly made in Belgium!


Sponsored by MCA Recycling

MCA Recycling is specialized in installing selective sorting systems for company waste.






The Brussels Limited Edition

The first collection of MY FAIR DIAMOND will be designed by Studio Nedda.