Max Godet – Max & Moi

Max Godet

Max & Moi
Rue de Namur 99
1000 Brussels

Graduate of architecture at the UCL in 2013, Max Godet becomes independent designer in 2015. A reconversion motivated by a need to manipulate materials and a strong desire for creativity. Recognized for its original creations through furniture, lighting and sculpture, each creation senses from a concept and is thought according to the needs of the user. The line and the angle reveal its identity and associate with accuracy to obtain minimalist creations with purified and discrete lines. The attention to detail and the mix of raw materials he used made the reputation of this artist with promising talent.


The Brussels Limited Edition

Floor Lamp – In Balance

Designed to illuminate the inaccessible, this floor lamp offers a light such as a suspension. Each ply is studied so that the structure finds its balance under the simple effect of its own weight. Its purified and dynamic line reflects the transparency of the object, which is placed with ease in any interior.










Chair – Elasto

Here is the originality of a chair with a static appearance! This is in fact elastic, a phenomenon due to the physical properties of steel. This chair is composed of a folded metal seat and a wood chairback. The elasticity of the steel causes a deformation during the sitting, leaning forward and back, the chairback follows the movement and thus consists of keeping the back straight. Elasto stands out for movement, creations live!