La Vague – Gil Galway

La Vague

Gil Galway

Rue de Namur 65B
1000 Brussels

La Vague is a trans-mission, an alliance of tradition, the singular and the human. It embodies a vision of total design, characterised by its transversality. To this effect, La Vague designers Alice Roux and Mattia Listowski create and stage visual, architectural and playful objects. Their authenticity is derived from the principles of ancestral hand-crafts and supplied in contemporary creations driven by a quest for timelessness. La Vague expands through the organic collaboration of individuals in search of perfection, both aesthetic and performative. By publishing objects, our creative team breathes the extraordinary into the ordinary and has a lot of fun in the process. The capsule collections are evocative of the magic, elegance and pleasures of life.

La Vague co-founder Alice Roux, is in charge of the design activities. An emeritus graduate in interior architecture and design of ESAG Penninghen (Paris), she adds a touch of dynamite to apparent futility to generate excellence in the art of living. She engages with her passion for architecture by masterminding stage sets for the Avignon theatre festival and the Zingaro equestrian circus rather than working in an architectural firm. Her professional rigour and fascination for the entertainment industry, acting, dancing, the work of Oskar Schlemmer, the Bauhaus movement and Total Art ensure that her expressivity achieves full force in each and every one of her commissions. Alice’s attitude is guided by “comedy” in acting and settings – whatever makes her laugh out loud.

Mattia Listowski, the other co-founder of La Vague, is in charge of the artistic direction of brand names. He has studied the graphic arts at ESAG Penninghen, communication at Académie Charpentier and video at ERG. This transdisciplinary perspective is what enriches his projects. He has engaged in a reflection on human beings and their relation to reality and the imaginary, in the form of the “Systèmes Sensibles” and “Rongo Rongo” projects presented at the Venice Biennale. His constant shuttling between the natural and the artificial, the human and the landscape, sense and sensibility, is expressed by means of his hands, which are his second brain, and through meditation, which always guides him to an aesthetic balance. Mattia perceives the “horizon” of music, vision and the sea.



The brussels limited edition – 2018


La Vague’s first design collection is inspired by the Art Deco movement and revisits the manifold traditions of furniture decoration, from Eastern lacquer to the painting on wood of our 18th-century stately homes to create a wholly contemporary vision.

The designers have created their first collection of painted furnishings, Islands, Shapes and Spaces. The wall tablets are made of hand-painted and -lacquered wood. Each motif has a story of its own and each drawing is an original creation. Each model takes on a life of its own through the assembly of colours, shapes, matt and glossy surfaces, varnishes and wood types. Amidst the current trend towards neutral interiors, the designers have proposed a rich fantasy, colourful and stripped-down.


Photo © Gregory Copitet