Joachim Froment – Hastens

Joachim Froment

Boulevard de Waterloo 8
1000 Brussels

Joachim Froment is a young Belgian designer who graduated from a Master degree at the Royal College of Art in Design Products. He is currently working in Copenhagen for Jens Martin Skibsted (Skibsted ID), L. Larson and B. Ingels (Kibisi) designing E-bikes (for Biomega), lights (for Hay) and furniture (for Engelbrechts).



The Brussels Limited Edition – 2018

Design and develop a new process of wood lamination with a carbon fiber reinforcement. The aim of this project is to design a higly perfoming wooden chair with a minimum of material bringing the thickness under 0.6cm and a lightness under 2kg. The chair was created in june 2017 and designed earlier in the year. The chair is 42 cm width, 52 cm length (lower point of the legs) and 82 cm tall.