Isabelle Leclercq – Jimmy Choo

Isabelle Leclercq

Jimmy Choo
Boulevard de Waterloo 53
1000 Brussels

Isabelle wanted to design a line of objects with a simple, elegant and uncluttered
design. The selected colours are sober and timeless. Some objects are limited edition and sometimes even signed and numbered by the artist himself, others are unique because handmade. Each creator, each artist is selected by Isabelle for her delicate creativity, sought after and simple at the same time. Isabelle likes to meet artists and understand their work, she can seize the subtlety of their art.

LIGNE IL will publish 3 or 4 collections a year. Each will be unique and not renewed to keep the exclusive and confidential side of LIGNE IL. LIGNE IL is created for lovers of beautiful things, lovers of simple and delicate beauty.












The Brussels Limited Edition – 2018