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Maison Armand Jonckers

Boutique Christofle
Boulevard de Waterloo 37
1000 Brussels

The Maison Armand Jonckers is first of all a family story that unites two generations of creators. From design to production in the Ixelles workshop, Alexandra, Grégoire and Armand Jonckers produce exclusive, inspired pieces, hand-crafted works of art that combine refined metals, precious minerals, colored resins and embossed objects. For nearly 60 years, the house has collaborated with great decorators and architects. From New York to the United Arab Emirates, from Brussels to Paris, the signature of the Maison Armand Jonckers is recognized by its collectors.







The Brussels Limited Edition – Abysses

Faithful to the know-how of the house, Abysse is a unique piece of creation made of engraved brass and resin whose range of blues, between depth and transparency, materializes the aquatic nuances and underlines the technical feat of the realization. The powerful current of deep waters maintains a contrasting dialogue with the telluric movements symbolized by the concentric circles of the engraving and the dark earth’s faults. Inspired by deep and unknown worlds, the Abysse table offers an ode to Nature and evokes the life force beyond the limits explored.