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Born in 1973, Hind Rabii holds an industrial engineering degree from the Institut Supérieur Industriel in Verviers, Belgium  And so, with this her technical expertise and a passion for fashion and creativity, it seemed obvious that Hind would be drawn towards a career in design.

It was while researching lighting for her own home that the designer Hind Rabii decided to commission some lighting pieces which met her standards of excellence, refinement and luxury. The company which bears her name was established in 1997, with the simple aim of offering top-of-the-range Belgian-made lighting to a discerning clientele.


The Brussels Limited Edition – ICE

A non-Belgian may not yet be able to imagine an ICE, a sweet (praline in “Belgian”) melting on the tongue and which, after the initial asperity, releases a flow of praline chocolate down the throat. The ICE enjoys that kind of roundness that captures the senses, brimming with excitement. It is bursting with light, ready to explode in every direction or to be encased in its desires by golden or silver corsets. ICE is as asteroid of light coming from nowhere, coming from elsewhere.