Hélène Lempereur – Godmother of our 5th edition

Hélène Lempereur / HOL – Olivier & Hélène Lempereur, interior architects.

«We are one, while being a whole  » through these words, the story is told! One does not simply remains his or herself after meeting Hélène and Olivier Lempereur. As they became known in the close circle of interior architects, they remain discreet in their lifes. Their strength and creative energy were built in the love and respect of each other. In their daily work, a magical link has operated into a beautiful complicity which always makes the difference. Year after year, both were able to built their place and from this beautiful duality came a signature; Hélène & Olivier Lempereur, emotion designers.

Olivier is the starting point, the spark, the first intuition, he imagines the spaces, designs
volumes, imagines their use. Hélène, stylist and art enthousiast, builts the moodboards
and trend books, brings color into the drawings, brings her husband’s sketches to life, selecting the right tones, the perfect shapes, the fabrics… And creating a complete
response to the client’s wishes.

Complicity is their guiding principle, harmony is their trademark, Hélène and Olivier
Lempereur hustle the paradigm shifts of interior design and embody the happy union of creativity and aesthetic. Their life was built around family, which became the
necessary core and unwavering support of this talented duet. This subtile balance
between intimacy and working life allows them to communicate more personal
emotions into their work.

Their strong complementarity and creativity creates every time a new story, always written together.