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Harold Sangouard / HAROW Studio

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Rue de Namur 36
1000 Brussels

From street art to tattoo, painting, graphic design, web design, sculpture and interior design, Harold Sangouard aka “Harow” is a multi-support artist recognized as a rising figure of contemporary art and design. He is one of those irreverent and unconventional artists refusing the traditional codes and canons of what the design should be to follow only the thread of his creativity. His sources of inspiration are found in pop culture and history, which he models in his own way. His creations are instantly recognizable among a thousand thanks to his clear, precise and structured pencil stroke.

The Brussels Limited Edition – Kheops Console & Kheops Table

First and oldest of the seven wonders of the world, the Kheops pyramid is also the only one that have survived to the present day. The two pieces of Kheops collection edited by HAROW Studio are a tribute to the most voluminous stone monument ever made, also called the Queen of the Pyramids. Stem from a process that spans millions of years, marble is the residual product of the transformation of sedimentary rocks. That is THE material that has gone through time and accompanied the life and evolution of men. In a purpose of robustness and elegance, the Kheops collection combines the most noble and the most sought after marbles with a structure made of brass alloy cupro aluminum, machined to the 1 / 100th. Carved with sand by precision techniques, the marble trays are then sanded by hand to remove all visible imperfections and then reassembled while maintaining perfectly the natural ribs of the stone.