Gioia Seghers – Philippe Lescrenier

Gioia Seghers –

Philippe Lescrenier
Rue de Namur 48
1000 Brussels

Behind the label Gioia Seghers stands the eponymous creator who graduated at La Cambre Mode in 2012. After graduating, Gioia decided to launch her own label. For her first collection Seghers was acclaimed the Weekend Fashion Award, the Grand Prix La Libre Essentielle, The Ra Antwerp prize and the Prix Dior. The collection would then be exposed at the Musée des Dentelles et Broderies in Caudry, France.

In 2015, Gioia Seghers was shown at the exhibition: The Belgians – An unexpected fashion story, at Bozar as part of the new wave of young Belgian designers.  In 2016, Gioia Seghers collaborated with Charleroi Danses for the piece of Thierry de Mey, Simplexity: La beauté du geste. In 2017, Gioia Seghers was chosen by Maison Natan, for the Natan Collective: a selection of four emerging young Belgian designers.


The Brussels Limited Edition 

Gioia Seghers will present an exclusive installation at Lescrenier during Uptown Design.