GHYCZY – Limited Edition / 2TEC2


Limited Edition / 2TEC2
Rue de Namur 35
1000 Brussels

GHYCZY, a leader in the modern furniture world. Founded in 1971 by the renowned designer and architect Peter Ghyczy. His designs are listed at museums worldwide and have inspired many designers. Our product collection is authentic and iconic. We work with high quality materials like stainless steel, casted brass and aluminium, glass and solid wood. All materials are carefullyselected. Our wood comes from south Germany and our steel is sourced from Finland.

Each product is crafted exclusive according the clients requests and is unique. Minimum order quantity is one. We work close with interior designers to realise limited editions and one-offs. Our philosophy is to make products of a lasting value; timeless design, made of natural materials, ridged construction.


The Brussels Limited Edition – The Safari Series

Safari Series, a collection of influential pieces that have developed the GHYCZY name throughout households around the globe. Having pioneered new ways in which to use materials, Peter Ghyczy believes the Safari Series describes a design philosophy. Pieces in this collection are made to be easily movable, for the sophisticated nomad. Designed with convenience in mind, adaptable, functional pieces made from the finest quality materials, define this collection.

The Safari GP05 is designed from a special connection between wood and metal. Round oak rods give the chair a vintage appearance. The lovely loose cushions, which cover the sit and backrest, can be adapted to your personal preferences. With options in patina finishes and textile combinations, the GP05 has the ability to seamlessly adjust to any interior style.