ECCE Cycles – Limited Edition / 2TEC2

Pierre Lallemand
ECCE Cycles –

Limited Edition / 2TEC2
Rue de Namur 35
1000 Brussels

Cosy Village Gallery
Rue de Namur 64
1000 Brussels

Pierre Lallemand, born in Brussels in July 1959, is a Belgian architect, artist and designer. 

He is the author of several emblematic buildings in Brussels and Europe such as the ULB’s “Humanities Library”, the renovation of the Berlaymont – European Commission headquarters, the Agora building of the Council of Europe.

He also distinguished himself as a designer by the production of urban lighting, and Ionic sailing boats with Michel Desjoyeaux. In 2012 he created with Michel Leempoel ECCE Cycles, wishing to emancipate from the codes of the traditional bicycles.

The Brussels Limited Edition 

ECCE Cycles, combining prestige, originality and technology, is born in Brussels in 2012 thanks to the work of designer Pierre Lallemand. In 2016, at the Luxury exhibition LikeBike Monte Carlo, two carbon models appeared in preview. In addition, they were highly regarded at the Ghent Design Museum and the Kortrijk Interior Biennial and at the Cube Museum Netherlands. ECCE Cycles range of creations is composed of carbon models and wooden prototypes. Both vintage / futuristic, with speeds / electric, OPUS models are unique.