Dominique Rigo – Godfather of our 6th edition

Founded in 1974, the house Dominique Rigo has, from the start chosen to be the defender of significant design brands. With a rigorous, passionate and uncompromising selection and an excellent service to each client (private or professional) offering delivery, assembly and a strong after-sales service, the house Dominique Rigo was able to position herself in a competitive and changing market.

Today, the signature Dominique Rigo remains faithful to its fundamentals, not only  thanks to these values but also with the commitment of a 20 employees team and a network of talented craftsmen. A signature perfectly embodied by the expression ‘‘Typically Dominique Rigo’’, a tagline created in the 70’s that remains strong and true to the house’s identity nowadays.

Dominique Rigo is an architect who quickly became passionate about the evolutionist
movement in interior and design in the early seventies. Since then, he has been involved in the development of design in Belgium and the emergence of the contemporary style. His talent was particularly expressed through his various commercial brands in Brussels and his projects of contemporary arrangements. Dominique Rigo has always prefered a modernity that rhymes with comfort and functionality rather than following fashion or trends. Functionality, form, comfort, quality and durability remain the guiding principles of all his interior projects… from Brussels to Liège, from Geneva to Genoa, from London to New York…